Melasma And Other Facial Pigmentation: 3 Tips For Evening Out Your Complexion

If you have melasma or any other type of skin pigmentation, such as post-acne spots, then you may think your only fix is to slather on facial concealer or foundation every day in an attempt to hide it. You then worry that sweat or a rain shower will remove your makeup and reveal the secret you are hiding. You don't have to hide your skin any longer when you, instead, correct your pigmentation problem.

The Braid: A Historical Twist That Unifies Us All

The braid is one of the most loved hair styles, and also one of the oldest. When you think about professional hair cuts and styles, you might overlook the humble braid, but it is actually one of the most significant and culturally unifying technique on earth. For centuries, braids have played an important role in cultures all over the world, and still bring us together today. Africa Tracing back to the days of ancient Egypt, tribes all across the African continent placed great importance on a woman's hair.

How To Look Like A Million Bucks For Next To Nothing

Beauty schools are a great resource for scoring affordable beauty treatments. You can even book an appointment online at a lot of beauty colleges. Be sure to sign up for their email or mailing list where you'll find even deeper discounts during special events. While the services available at these colleges can be worked into just about any budget, here are a few tips to make sure that your new look turns out perfectly.

Going With A Traditional Indian Wedding? A Few Tips For Picking The Right Lehenga

The traditional Indian bride's outfit consists of the lehenga (skirt), choli (top) and odni (scarf). The lehenga is a long skirt. It is heavily embroidered and pleated. You may choose to have a single layer lehenga, or one with many layers and different materials. Here are a few tips to choosing the right lehenga to make your wedding outfit look perfect according to your body type. Hourglass Traditionally the choli is a crop top, and the lehenga is worn on the hips, leaving your midriff and lower back bare.

Preventing And Treating Dark Spots On Your Face

Your face is one of the first things other people recognize about you so you want your skin looking its best. Dark spots caused by age, the Sun or acne scars can prevent your skin from looking healthy and vibrant. Learning how to prevent and treat these dark spots can keep your skin looking bright and beautiful. Protection For dark spots on your face, protecting your skin will serve as your primary line of defense.