Going With A Traditional Indian Wedding? A Few Tips For Picking The Right Lehenga

The traditional Indian bride's outfit consists of the lehenga (skirt), choli (top) and odni (scarf). The lehenga is a long skirt. It is heavily embroidered and pleated. You may choose to have a single layer lehenga, or one with many layers and different materials. Here are a few tips to choosing the right lehenga to make your wedding outfit look perfect according to your body type.


Traditionally the choli is a crop top, and the lehenga is worn on the hips, leaving your midriff and lower back bare. An hourglass body looks great in the traditional outfit. Wear a lenhenga with a wide band that hugs your hips. Mirrors, beading or heavy embroidery at the top band will accentuate your figure.


To create the illusion of curves on a more rectangular body use a few layers in the lehenga. An underlayer of stiff netting or tulle that will make the lehenga fuller creates wider hips and a smaller waist. To enhance the illusion even more, go with a choli that is low cut. Now you can wear a cropped choli and look curvy and soft.

Fuller Waist

If you have a fuller waist than you would like to have exposed, you may go with a longer choli with a soft, flowing lehenga. The two pieces should be of the same material and flow together. Add a ruffle or frill at the bottom of the lehenga to add length to your lower half. You may choose to wear a crop top as well. In addition to the previous tip, add an odni that drapes from your one shoulder to below the opposite hip. The fuller gathering below the hip will make your waist appear smaller and draw attention further down.

Top Heavy

When the top half of your body is broader than the lower half, you need to wear a lehanga made of stiff material that is very full. However, this will not work unless you have the right choli too. Instead of wearing an odni, use a short-waisted jacket. The material should be soft so it does not add to your shoulders. In addition, make sure that the neckline is wide and scooped and to keep from making the shoulders look wide.

Do not be afraid to experiment with different colors and materials. You can always add another layer somewhere to make a body area appear larger. Embroidery and other embellishments can also be used to draw attention away from a body part you want to down play. The traditional Indian wedding outfit is quite beautiful. Use these tips to ensure that it is just perfect for your wedding day.