A UV Tanning Bed Helps You Get A Head Start On A Vacation Tan

If you want to get a head start on your vacation tan and avoid embarrassment over pale skin at the beach, then a visit to a tanning salon is in order. Tanning salons often offer both spray and UV tanning. Since tanning beds work in the same way as laying out in the sun, you may prefer a UV tanning bed for the most natural bronze look. Here are things to know about using a tanning bed.

Your Session Time Is Controlled

Start working on your tan early because your tanning sessions will be short. Just like you wouldn't go lay out in your backyard for an hour the first time, you can't start off taking long tanning sessions in a salon. A visit typically lasts several minutes, and if you need longer tanning time, you'll need multiple appointments.

Controlling the time is for your safety so you don't get a sunburn. The length of time you tan is determined by the type of tanning booth your salon has. Different booths have different mixes of UV rays in different ratios.

Bed Styles Differ

Also, some tanning booths allow you to stand while others require that you lie down. If your salon offers both options, you might want a standing booth so there is a lower risk of white areas, but you might prefer to lie down so you're more comfortable.

Different beds and booths offer different experiences too. Luxury booths provide music and air conditioning so you have a comfortable tanning session.

You'll Need Special Tanning Products

You can't use your regular tanning lotion in a UV tanning bed or the bed might be harmed. Instead, you can buy tanning products from the salon that help you develop a rich dark tan while not harming the equipment. You can also buy lotions to use at home to extend the life of your tan.

You Can Combine Tanning Methods

If you're in a hurry for a tan, you might take a UV tanning session first and then follow that with a spray tan. The UV session might help your spray tan develop deeper and quicker due to opening your pores. The spray tan can speed up results from your UV tan, so when taken together, you could get faster and better tan results.

If you don't like spending a long time in the sun to get a tan in your backyard, or if it's winter and too cold for that, then a UV tanning bed is a good alternative. Your treatments are fairly short and more comfortable since you can have a fan or air conditioning at the same time. Plus, you'll get good results so you can feel confident with your bronze skin when you go on a beach vacation.