Save Money Tactfully When Shopping For Wedding Rings

Not everyone is a born haggler, and it may seem a bit distasteful to try to negotiate a lower price when shopping for wedding bands or engagement rings. While not everyone can negotiate their way into a discount and good deal at a jewelry store, there are some things that you can do to ensure you don't pay too much for the ring.  

Some things that could save you money, without sacrificing your tactfulness, are:

What are you looking for? Don't go shopping blindly when it comes to buying a ring; it is easy to become overwhelmed and make an impulse purchase. Tease-out details and features that your soon-to-be spouse is fond of and do some research online first. Find out the current costs at a few different vendors before choosing where to buy your ring and in order to find the lowest price. 

The gold makes a big difference. The gold used in the ring setting can impact price significantly, so it is up to you to determine if you want to invest more money in the setting or in the actual stone, if applicable. For instance, 24-karat gold is the most expensive and purest, yet it is also the weakest in terms of durability. You will find 10-karat rings a lot cheaper, and they may hold their shape better for active wearers. 

Think about alternative gemstones. If you are buying a traditional engagement ring, does it have to be a diamond? There are numerous stunning gemstones available that cost a lot less than a diamond. Plus, it is becoming rather trendy to use other stones for engagement rings, such as emeralds, sapphires, and tourmaline. 

Buy your ring in the summer months. Summer months are typically the most popular time for weddings, so the cost of rings is often at the lowest in an attempt to attract buyers. To save money, plan on buying your ring in June, July, or August.

Save money on your wedding rings with some other practical suggestions:

  • Get in-the-know before you go, and do some research about the cut, clarity, and costs ahead of time to ensure you are getting a decent deal. 
  • Don't overlook online jewelers, as they may offer some of the best prices due to market and demand.
  • Plan to pay in cash. You still maintain your power to haggle when you are handing over cold hard cash instead of credit cards, which may cost jewelers fees to process. 

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