4 Things Every Woman Should Have

When it comes to fashion and beauty, styles and preferences vary from woman to woman, but there are a few things that every woman should have in her arsenal. It is fun to follow the trends of each season when it comes to clothes and make-up, but some things are classic and timeless, and can make you look amazing and feel confident no matter the occasion. Make sure you have at least one of the following:

Foundation in the Proper Shade

Not all women wear foundation every day, but when you need it there is nothing worse than the tell-tale line along your jaw that shows that your face is a different color than the rest of your skin. A good foundation can cover a multitude of issues and make your skin look glowing and fresh, but the wrong shade of foundation can stick out like a sore thumb. It can be very difficult to find a shade of foundation that perfectly blends into your skin, so it is in your best interest to have a consultation at several make-up counters where a beauty consultant will help find the perfect shade for you.

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

No matter what your lifestyle is like, every woman needs at least one pair of perfect jeans in her closet. It doesn't matter if they are boot cut, straight, or skinny jeans- there is nothing like slipping on a pair of jeans that are flattering and fit like they were custom made for your body. When you find a specific brand of jeans that has a style that you love, it is worth buying several pairs- the perfect jeans can be quite hard to find.

A Classic Little Black Dress

When it comes to timelessness and elegance, nothing in fashion can match the little black dress. Think of a little black dress as an investment- when you buy the right one you can wear it for years. When it comes to the little black dress, it is definitely worth buying one that is made of a high quality material and is flattering for your body type. Black is a color that looks good on most women, and it is easy to change the look of your little black dress with shoes, jewelry, and accessories.

A Go-To Pair of High Heels

While some women wear heels every day, others avoid them like the plague. But no matter what your shoe style is, it is always a good idea to have a go-to pair of heels in your closet. The key to these shoes is making sure that you are comfortable with the heel height, can walk well in them, and don't have feet that are too sore after wearing them for an evening.

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