4 Beauty Salon Treatments For Men

According to the Small Business Development Center Network, beauty is a $20 billion per year business. If women getting their hair cut, styled and colored is your picture of what happens in a salon, think again. Men often use more than a basic barber service. Whether you're starting your own salon, or you're a man who's researching grooming options or just interested in the hair-care industry, understanding how men fit into the beauty business may just open up options that you've never thought of.

In what ways do salons serve their male customers? Individual salons typically have their own unique menus of services. That said, you may find some of these top options:

1. Haircuts. This is a no-brainer. Do you want a cut or trim? Obviously, you'll step out to a salon. Keep in mind, some pros may specialize in men's hair and care. These haircare experts are up-to-date on the current trends in men's hair techniques.

2. Spray-tanning. Women aren't the only sex who have a need to get a golden glow (minus the sun). Some beauty salons may also offer specialty spray-tan services specifically for men. This includes private spray tan booths or individualized applications by trained professionals. What's different about a man's spray tan? At the most basic level, it's very similar to what a women gets. But, some men may want more definition or shading around muscle areas. A spray-tan make-up artist can add contour and definition.

3. Manicures. These really put the 'man' in manicure. This doesn't have to include a coat of polish (or even a clear coat). A man's manicure may just include a file, polish and cuticle care. Likewise, pedicure service may include the same methods of taking a man's toe nails from rough to buff.

4. Color. Not only do men's beauty salon services include hair color, but they also often cover grey (or change the color of) beards and mustaches. This service is completely tailored to men, and takes a pro who knows how to work with facial hair.

Gone are the days when men went to a corner barber shop for a cut and a shave. While plenty of men still go for these types of basic services, there's a growing number of men who are enjoying a full menu of treatments and applications. From basic cuts and color to manly manicures and spray tans, beauty salons services, like those at Academy Of Hair Design, now often include a menu that is solely for the male customer.